What to Expect


We would love to meet you to ask you a whole bunch of questions to see how we can help you.   We will have some paperwork for you to fill out to assist with our questions,  you can even download them here.   We offer this complimentary 15 minute consultation to see if what we offer is something that can help you reach your health goals.  


If we find after our consultation that we can help you,  we will recommend a comprehensive examination to identify the core issues which are contributing to your problem.   We use many methods of examination including neuro-structural examination, posture examination, muscle testing and motion x-ray study to determine the cause of your problem.  

Report of Findings

After a thorough consultation and examination we will analyze your results and will develop a customized treatment plan to get you on the road to recovery.  We will go over your testing and will explain the causes of your problem and will recommend a corrective plan of care to help you succeed.   We utilize several cutting-edge techniques such as Arthostim,  Intersegmental Traction,  Gentle Drop Table and Hands on Chiropractic Adjustments, in addition to very progressive techniques such as AMIT (Advanced Muscle Integration Technique).  To learn more about AMIT click here.    

Wellness/Maintenance Care

Our goal is to help you have a better quality of life with less pain, better function, and an overall more positive outlook on the years ahead.   A huge part of helping people function better is the maintainance of the initial corrective phase of care with Wellness or Maintenance check-ups.  Each person is different as to how often they need to be "tuned-up"  however we will make a recommendation to you as to how you can maintain your results.